More about The Fantastic Four Progressive Slots

laytech along with the Marvel comics franchise have developed a range of extremely exciting and eye catching, action packed video slots games that are all based on different iconic Marvel comic book heroes. Marvel comics over many years have created some of the most famous and well – loved characters, both good and bad in all of comic book history. The combination of awesome Marvel comic book heroes with the very latest in video slots technology is pure winning power, not to mention the amazing progressive jackpot that you could potentially win.
One of the most famous of all Marvel comic book teams has to be the Fantastic Four. The Fantastic Four have thrilled many generations of comic book readers and you can relive your entire childhood when you play the Playtech, Marvel comic book licensed Famous Four progressive video slots game online. The Fantastic Four video slots game features a full five reels of action and twenty individual pay lines minimum. This means that there are hundreds of chances to win big while having the time of your life.

Fantastic Four Special Features

The wild symbol in the Fantastic Four is a circular symbol. This circular wild symbol functions as a substitute for most other symbols on the five reels other than the scatter symbol. The scatter symbol in the Fantastic Four is the actual Fantastic Four icon. The wild symbol not only substitutes for other symbols it also acts as a multiplier which can really help you to double and even triple your winnings.

You can unlock great free spins when you get more than three Fantastic Four symbols to appear in a row on the reels in a single spin. You can get as many as twelve free spins at a time with the added bonus of four separate character bonuses. Unlike other video slots games free spins the Fantastic Four offers something unique to the player. Each of the Fantastic Four characters does something different; Mr. Fantastic awards four extra free spins and is also an expanding wild. The Invisible Woman awards four free spins and a multiplier, the Human Torch gives four free spins and a super wild and lastly The Thing gives you three free spins and freezes some of the reels too.

Slots Tournaments

The phrase slots tournaments may cause you to look puzzled. After all, how can you compete against someone else in a game of chance like slots? As it turns out, you really can. As with any tournament, the game starts with a buy in. You pay your entry fee and enter the tournament with a number of others. The number of players then determines how big the prize will be.

Each player then receives credits for the slot machine and a certain allocated time. They then have to come out on top with the machine paying more and more credits as they go. If they lose all of their credits, they are out. This game relies heavily on luck and on the ability to get the most amount of spins in the least amount of time. When the time is done, the player with the most credits on their machine is the winner, though they get only the prize that has been allocated and not the credits on the machine. So if you happen to hit the slots jackpot, it’s just too bad.

The amount of time allocate for these tournaments depends on the way it has been set up, though they are usually short considering how fickle the slots can be. They can also be a lot of fun simply because the frenzy of getting credits and the sheer frustration of losing them leads to no end of entertainment for players and spectators alike.

This is one tournament that doesn’t require you to be a great player and can be enjoyed by all, from professionals to novices. And depending on where the tournament is held and what the rules are, the payouts can be great for those who participate with very little buy in. This makes the game very enticing, especially since you are not competing with the house, but with other players.